The Oudheidkamer

Anyone walking through Nieuwerkerk (part of Zuidplas) takes a journey through a range of post-war architectural history of the Netherlands.
Each section of the dwelling place differs in design and architecture, which is characteristic of its time.
The Oudheidkamer in a monumental farmer's house, started in 1992, focuses its attention on the fashions and spirit of the times before.
Public and domestic property and household items are starting-points for its exhibitions and (school)projects.
In addition, the museum examines contemporary perceptions of the environment of the inhabitants.
It propagates know-how, experiences and customs of the various Nieuwerkerk inhabitants, by offering a platform and letting them speak out for themselves.
Does Nieuwerkerk's popular image of a dormitory residence reflect reality?
What do its inhabitants think themselves?
What stories, cultures, identities and faces does the dwelling place harbour?
The Oudheidkamer offers a meeting-place for the various experiences and cultural expressions in the residence.